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Welcome to Channels

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Welcome to Channels pricing focused information pages

We have started the ball rolling with a few articles and you are most welcome to offer suggestions for new articles by completing the Channels Feedback Form.

Alternatively, if you have a pricing issue which you would like to discuss, or have written your own pricing article and would like to post it on our website, then please click on the “Create Your Own Pricing Post” link.

The posts are often only a brief summary of a pricing issue. Readers should be aware that it is not possible to cover all the details as some subjects covered in a post can take a minimum of several hours to discuss in a training session. 

All users of this website are recommended to review the terms of service and privacy policy.

Good pricing takes a great deal of time, effort, analysis and knowledge. I relate pricing to a game of chess, where you have to consider the many moves and implications prior to making a decision.

I hope that you gain some good insights from these posts and really delve deep into pricing.

John Burke