Event Speaking

Event Speaking

Something different and vital

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Get the wow factor.

There is nothing like opening the eyes of attendees to the intricacies of pricing.

Customised presentations based on academic and real-world experience.

Include pricing in your next event, conference, convention or seminar.

Guest speaking available for:

  • Business groups & associations
  • Small businesses to multinationals
  • Existing businesses or start-ups
  • Government departments & organisations
  • Universities
  • Not-for-profit organisations

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Why pricing is in demand

  • There are only a small number of academics specialising in pricing
  • Pricing is the neglected 4th P
  • Competitive pressures are growing
  • However, opportunities are out there
  • Complexities of pricing explained
  • One of the key outcomes is the realisation that developing a strategic pricing process is essential
  • Tailored presentations designed for groups from 10 to 1,000+