Confidential Pricing Mentoring for Individuals or Teams

Confidential Pricing Mentoring for Individuals or Teams

STOP!!! Before you present your pricing plan to your boss or the market, get an expert opinion

One of our most valuable services is our Private Pricing Mentoring. We review pricing ideas and plans to help ensure that they have considered all of the options and consequences, and ultimately make sense.

Pricing is extremely challenging and sometimes, executives just need someone independent of the organisation to confidentially review and discuss their strategies. This can be from initial concepts to full pricing plan reviews.

All pricing mentoring is coordinated by John Burke, Pricing Strategist and Academic. Sometimes special teams are created for the review depending on the complexity and time requirements. Our goal is to review material and provide guidance in a prompt and professional manner so that our clients will return for more assistance on other pricing plans in the future.

Who is Private Pricing Mentoring for?
* Any individual or team in any level of management connected to setting prices.
* Either have your pricing plan reviewed prior to presenting your plan to your boss or the market, or let us review your staff’s pricing plan

What are the benefits of Private Pricing Mentoring?
Inside your organisation
* Help protect your job
* Enhance your career path
* Talk the language of your boss
* Give your boss a reason to give you a payrise
* As our mentoring is private and confidential, you will receive the recognition as a leading pricing expert in your organisation

Outside your organisation
* Confidence that you have considered a large list of pricing options and their consequences
* Once pricing is presented to the market, it is difficult to change, and a valuable and expert opinion can make a massive difference for the long term.

The more recognition you receive, the more you will use our services

How confidential is our service?
Private Pricing Mentoring is so confidential that not only is your information protected, any documents we assist you with, such as Word or Excel files, will not include our logo, names or any other identifying marks. It is ultimately your work and we are just helping you out.

The Next Step
Before presenting your next pricing plan
1) Contact The Pricing School by completing the confidential form below
2) Let us know what you would like us to do
3) We will then provide you with the following; a) Quote, so there are no surprises and timelines are clear, b) Communication options such as phone calls, emails or teleconferences, and c) Non-disclosure agreement and any other relevant forms
4) Once agreed, we move forward and do our best to make you look good

Try us out – you won’t be disappointed

Private Pricing Mentoring Enquiry Form
All information provided is confidential and will not be published
(Work or private email)
Please provide as much information as possible, including timeframes (where appropriate).