About the Pricing School

About the Pricing School

Get the power of pricing knowledge from The Pricing School

Channels specializes in effective pricing and established The Pricing School to improve individuals and organizations pricing processes. Over the years, Channels has found that businesses think that they know the best way to price a good or service, however, they soon learn that there are so many more opportunities. It is amazing how much time and effort is required to price a product, and The Pricing School will put you on the path to develop a better understanding of the power of combining strategic thinking and pricing.

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Tailored Pricing Training
We can work with your organization in any country to develop pricing conference meetings or webinars
Onsite Pricing Training
Organize a day or two for The Pricing School to come out and run a special pricing training program for your staff
Private Pricing Mentoring
We confidentially support and guide individuals before presenting pricing plans to their boss or the market
Pricing Training General
Other information on Channels and pricing training. Includes a private Contact Form to request more details

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